Is Your Club Grant Qualified?
Your Club must be “Grant Qualified” to apply for and receive District or Global Grants.  This qualification needs to be completed before the Application submission deadline – 15 August 2019 extended to 2 September..
Here are the “must do” items to achieve the grant qualification.  Both items 1 and 2 must be completed:
  1.  Your Club President, or the Club Rotary Foundation Chair, or any member designated by your President must have attended the District Grant Management Seminar on May 11, 2019.    OR
Your Club President, or the Club Rotary Foundation Chair, or any member designated by your President must have completed the online “Grant Management Seminar” at the Learning Center on  If the online course was taken please forward completion certificate to
  1. Your Club must have entered the names of your Club Secretary, Treasurer and Club Rotary Foundation Chair in the Club Executives Section of your Club on the District 7230 website.
Please check the chart below and complete any missing items as soon as possible, but be sure to complete your grant application before the deadline.
(Ensure your Club has an " X "in the last column) (Updated 4 November 2019)
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Club Name Attended DTA Online Course Dues  CRFChair  Reports  Goals Certified
Bedford-Armonk   X X X OVERDUE X  
Briarcliff Manor X   X X   X X
Bronx Rotary X   X X      
Bronxville     X   OVERDUE    
Chappaqua X   X        
Chinatown X   X X X X X
Cortlandt Manor X   X X   X X
Croton-on-Hudson     X     X  
Eastchester X   X X X X X
Elmsford X   X
  X X
Gateway, Staten Island     X        
Hamilton X   X X OVERDUE    
Harlem X   X X X X X
Harrison-Mamaroneck X   X        
Hartsdale/Greenburgh   X X X X X X
Heritage NY E-Club X   X X   X X
Inwood, Manhattan     X        
Larchmont     X   OVERDUE    
Metro New York City X   X     X  
Mid Island, Staten Island     X        
Mount Kisco     X   X    
New Rochelle X   X   X X  
New York X   X     X  
North Shore X   X X   X  
Northeast Westchester   X X X   X X
Ossining Rotary Club     X        
Peekskill Rotary X   X X   X X
Pelhams, The X   X X      
Pembroke X   X X      
Pleasantville   X X X   X X
Port Chester-Rye Brook X   X        
Riverdale X   X   OVERDUE    
Rivertowns Rotary Club   X X X   X X
Rye X   X X      
Sandys X   X        
Scarsdale     X X      
South Shore   X X X X X X
St. George X   X X      
Staten Island X   X X   X X
The Tarrytowns     X        
Wall Street X   X X   X X
White Plains X   X X      
Yonkers-East Yonkers X   X X X X X
Yorktown X   X X   X X
An "X"  mark in Column 7 means Club is fully grant-qualified          
Column 1 OR 2 Required              
Column 3:  Your Club will need to Certify that dues were paid              
Column 4: Required              
Column 5:  Either Blank or Checked - cannot be OVERDUE          
Column 6: Required              

Required Forms