D7230 has once again lived up to its reputation of being the leader in membership growth. In October, our newest Club, the Rotary Satellite Club of Heritage Health was chartered with 8 new members.  Its focus is on health initiatives.  This is the 3rd active Satellite Club in our District.  Together with the new full Club, and the 8 new members in the Hope Rotary Club, we have added 37 new members to our District rolls since 1 July.
Rotary has had satellite clubs since 2013. At first, satellite clubs were for people who wanted to join Rotary but didn’t have a large enough group to start a club. Unlike regular Rotary clubs, which require 20 members to start, a satellite club can form with just eight members. Satellite clubs also give community members and Rotarians the chance to make a positive difference in a club environment that often differs from their local Rotary club.
Like all Rotary clubs, satellite clubs hold regular meetings, have bylaws and a board, and get involved in community service projects. A local Rotary club sponsors the Satellite club and provides advice and support. Satellite club members are Rotarians. Officially, they are members of the sponsor club.
If any Rotarian in the District is interested in knowing more about Satellite Clubs or to help form a new one, please join our District Conference on 4 November at Sarah Lawrence College.  Registration is required and FREE.  Or contact the Rotary Zone 32 Innovative Club Advocate (ICA) in our District AG Bina Ahmad.