The District Board has approved a Crisis Management Plan for the District which will go into effect in the event of a crisis which requires special measures to be undertaken to handle such an eventuality.This document was developed to serve as an important procedural resource to assist District 7230 volunteers and participants in responding effectively when a crisis occurs in order to minimize risk and help ensure the safety of all, to the greatest extent possible.
The health, safety, and security of our volunteers and program participants is our highest priority. The key is to prepare to handle crises before they arise, so that our response is well thought-out, mitigates risks, and does not make the situation worse.
The Plan establishes a District Crisis Management Team, and encourages clubs to develop their own Club Crisis Management Plans.  These plans should be simple - in a crisis, no one has time to read a 60-page document.
The crisis Management Plan sets out General Reporting Guidelines, the Reporting chain, categorizes types of incidents, sets out documentation requirements, and emphasizes the importance of quickly dealing with incidents involving youth.