The District Board has decided to encourage the formation of new clubs and to encourage the inclusion of young members. This policy remains at the discretion of the Board each year. The policy had previously been enacted in the District's Manual of Administrative Procedures (MAP) following approval by the Clubs in the District on 18 April 2021.
Under the new policy, all new Clubs will be exempt from District Dues for a period of two years from their Charter date. The District Invoice will reflect the full dues with a 100% offset described as New Club Reduction.
All Clubs, other than New Clubs, with members under 40 years of age, as of the billing dates in July and January will receive a 50% reduction in District dues for each member who is under 40 years of age.. This reduction will continue until the members have attained the age of 40,  The only requirement for Clubs to avail this rebate is for the Club President or Secretary to ensure  that the ages of such members are already been posted in ClubRunner prior to Club remittance.  The Club must remit the net dues within sixty (60) days of the Invoice Date. Otherwise, the full amount of Club Dues is due. Accordingly, Club Invoices will reflect the total Dues (subject to the conditions noted above) and the Club Treasurer should remit a check or ACH payment before the 60th day, net of those members under 40 years of age with the 50% reduction and with supporting documentation.
Dates of birth of Club members posted on ClubRunner are protected and are only visible to the Club President and Officers and to District senior Officers. If a Club member is unwilling to allow posting of his or her date of birth on ClubRunner, other official documentation of age may be submitted.