Posted on Oct 01, 2019
A quarter of this Rotary year has gone by.  We are slowly but surely, beginning to turn our District, on to a positive course.  We now have an active multi-year leadership group, looking at elements of our district, which will require sustained efforts, over a number of years. Substantial improvements will begin to be felt, in Membership efforts, Club Management, Club performance, Club Technology, and of course, Public Image.  All of this, will have a positive impact on Club morale, as we energize ourselves into dynamic action.
With this as our goal, we’ve arranged a dynamite District Conference Part I for you.  As you must have seen from the emails, and website and Facebook postings, Saturday 26 October will be all about you, your Clubs, and what you have asked for, by way of District help and support.  We will address Membership issues, Club Management, Public Image, and Technology. Click here for Conference Program  If there are any particular elements you’d like addressed, please send them on, and we’ll try to weave them in. (send to  The sessions will be interactive, and we’ll have a general Q & A, at the end of the day.  Register Now to join.
Bina and I have just returned from our inspirational Zone Conference which brought together 525 leaders – past, present and future – from Zone 24 (Canada) and 32 (Northeastern US). We had 18 of us,  representing our District. We participated in the silent auction for Polio with our donations, raising $4,125 for Polio, with the matching from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Our Clubs are organizing Polio awareness events for World Polio Day – 24 October.
I look forward to visiting the rest of our clubs over the next 2 months.  I am convinced that all our clubs have great potential waiting to be realized.  Your District leadership is committed to ensuring each club gets all the help and support in achieving it’s potential and more.
End of October, a number of us will embark On To Bermuda – our annual fun, learning and service adventure at our largest District Island - Bermuda. Look out for the announcement in the next couple of days You'll have a great time..
Our Rotary UN Day is on 9 November where our partnership with the UN will be renewed at another level with more joint UN-Rotary collaborative events next year.  Some of our District Rotaractors will be helping out as volunteers on 9 November.
We are chartering new Rotaract and Interact Clubs with two applications already submitted for approval and others in formation.  A Satellite Club is also close to reality. 
Our Consolidated District Fund for relief assistance to the Bahamas has received pledges from a number of Clubs.  The fund will remain open until the end of October.  We hope to send the first installment out in the next week or so.
Being a part of the Rotary Family is dedicating ourselves, to the service of humanity, but aren’t we just as much a part of humanity as anyone else? Can we not serve our own needs, whether they be personal, professional, or the needs of our very soul - while still serving others? Can we not grow ourselves and grow Rotary at the same time? Whether it is developing our networks, making new friends, gaining new skills, or so far as to give ourselves a sense of purpose or accomplishment - Rotary can serve us as we serve the world. And it is through connections, that we can bring the world together through service.  Because, truly Rotary Connects the World.
Yours in Rotary Service,
DG Mahbub