February is the month of our 115th Birthday.  Consider for a moment all the fantastic projects that have been completed around the world because of Rotary, starting with the very first project of a public comfort station (public toilet) in downtown Chicago in 1907.  In Rotary year 2018/19, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) raised $395 million dollars surpassing the goal of $380 million.  Wouldn’t Paul Harris be proud to know how far this organization has grown and how much good we have accomplished!
There is more than one way to give to TRF.  The easiest by far is to sign up with Rotary Direct.  You can set up your payments annually, monthly, bi-monthly, whatever works for you.  Besides our annual giving to the Foundation, there are also ways to set up giving beyond your lifetime by putting TRF in your will or setting up a life insurance policy with The Rotary Foundation as the beneficiary.  Please contact our DRFC Lora Hugelmeyer for more information about how you can be part of the great work our Foundation supports..
February is Peace & Conflict Prevention / Resolution Month.  Millions of people all over the world are currently displaced by armed conflict or persecution. In fact, 90% of casualties in armed conflicts are civilians, half of which are children. Through service projects and Rotary programs, the Rotary family is committed to pursuing projects that address the structural causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.
At every stage of our lives and careers, Rotary has something for all of us - a way to let us do more, give more, and be more. Rotary is big enough for us all.
As we start our Aloha year together, I am excited about the opportunities we will have to become more close-knit as a Rotary community.  The possibilities for success, change and innovation are endless. 
Satellites: Chartering New Clubs Rotary has undergone a major shift in the last 5 to 10 years. As long-time members transition from their clubs, there’s a strong sense of urgency to attract new, younger members.  Sometimes that means changing how a club has historically operated, such as switching from daytime to evening meetings. And sometimes, it means chartering a new club.
New clubs can offer our district the opportunity to take on new and different volunteer endeavors. For example, a daytime contingent might focus on a certain set of community issues Rotary, the District or the Club has identified, whereas an evening group might target another. All it takes is passion, diligence, and at least 8 willing members to setup your own Satellite Club with the sponsorship of your Rotary Club.
As I reported last month, our District now has its first official Satellite Club adding 12 new members.  Another Satellite Club application is pending approval.  In Rotary and in life, we are better together. Questions about chartering a new club? Email me.
District Conference: Celebrating our successes Connecting the World:
Save the date and register now! Our District Conference Part 2 – is on April 18 in Tarrytown, at the DoubleTree. The theme of our conference branches off the Rotary theme “Rotary Connects the World” to celebrate all that we in the District have been doing the past year.  At this event, you will have access to information and resources to help you grow as leaders, both personally and in Rotary.

You can expect to walk away with lots of information, including tips to develop your personal leadership skills, actionable ideas to impact the community in 2020 and beyond as well as fun and fellowship.
The conference will feature a well-known speaker and Club and District leaders  Click here for more information and to register.
In early February the District will be selecting your Governor for the 2022-23 Rotary year. DGE Mary Shackleton, DGN George McKinnis and I look forward to welcoming our newest Governor.
Please give our Club Presidents and their boards a big “Thank you!” for taking our clubs to the next level of Rotary leadership.  This year we will see how "Rotary Connects the World" and continue to Grow Rotary, as "Rotary Opens Opportunities". 
I thank those Rotarians who are working with me in various District capacities for their time, energy and expertise this Rotary year.  Our Rotaractors and Interactors are our future and District 7230 wouldn’t exist without all of them.  I urge EVERYONE who has the inclination, to get involved in some way at the District level.  There are so many opportunities for service above self.
This year, I challenge you to consider a different perspective when a plan goes off-track or an outcome is not as expected. Rather than beating ourselves up, let’s reflect on what went well and how we can unite to improve the process or situation next time: a certain skill set that was missing; more or less stakeholder involvement; different ways to measure metrics.
Rotarians are better together. Hold each other up in this century’s roaring ‘20s -- I can’t wait to see what we together achieve this year and beyond.  As we celebrate another great year for Rotary, let me reiterate President Mark Maloney's call to "rededicate ourselves to strengthening the connections that make our service so impactful. We will make lives better as Rotary Connects the World."  
DG Mahbub