In a display of remarkable harmony and collaboration, the Rotary Clubs of Bermuda came together to jointly celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hamilton Club. Led by a dedicated committee, comprised of members from all four clubs on the island, the festivities unfolded seamlessly over a four-day period, presenting a united front that belied the individual club distinctions.

The culmination of this collective effort was a grand gala, befitting the occasion, which provided an opportunity for the community to applaud the collaborative spirit of the team. Adding to the festivities, a golf outing and fundraiser held on Saturday attracted participants from far and wide, including some with limited golfing skills, like one member who humorously likened their technique to dribbling a basketball down the fairway.

However, amidst the laughter and celebration, the event also served a charitable purpose. A raffle and fundraiser aimed at bringing district Rotarians from the US to Bermuda resulted in the selection of PDG Marty Schulman as the fortunate individual to join the festivities. Gratitude was expressed to all who contributed, with any remaining funds earmarked to support the district-wide speech contest winner's presentation at the upcoming district conference alongside the US winner.

The success of this centennial celebration underscored not only the enduring legacy of the Hamilton Club but also the power of collaboration within the Rotary community.