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J.C. Fogarty's
60 Kraft Avenue
Bronxville, NY  10708
United States of America
Leadership Seminar for Presidents-Elect:
Proposed 2019-20 District Budget and PETS


Meeting and Seminar where the first Draft of the 2019-20 District Budget will be presented for Discussion among the incoming Club Executives, as required by the Amended District MAP.  We will provide expalnations of line items and qrespond to uestions . 

After this Seminar, your inputs and suggestions will be gathered and incorporated into the budget and presented to the Budget and Finance Committee for their review.  Once their review is complete, the draft budget will be sent to all President-Elects at least 30 days prior to the District Meeting at PETS on 22-23 March 2019.  The voting on the budget will take place at that Meeting.


This Seminar will also Review the upcoming PETS and provide you with advance materials for PETS.

Proposed Agenda

1.  Registration and refreshments
2.  Distribution of Proposed 2019-20 District Budget and PETS materials
3.  Welcome and Review of Agenda (DGE)
4.  Self-introduction of attendees
5.  Review of Proposed 2019-20 District Budget (DT)
6.  Discussion
7.  Review of PETS Sessions (DGE or DT)
8.  Discussion
9.  Final Comments (DGE)