Contact: Loren Russell
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J. C. Fogarty's
60 Kraft Avenue
(Opp Bronxville Train Station)
Bronxville, NY 10708
United States of America

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

-Annaeus Seneca


Please join your classmates for Pre-PETS on February 25 as we prepare for your upcoming year as Club President and Assistant District Governor.  Prep-sessions have been created to prepare you for your upcoming attendance in March at Multi-District PETS. 

These Pre-PETS sessions will be held in J.C. Fogarty's 60 Kraft Avenue in Bronxville, NY. 

The morning sessions (10:00 am-noon) will be dedicated to incoming Assistant Governorss. 

The afternoon sessions (1:15-4:00) will be dedicated to our Presidents-Elect..   

Lunch will be served for all from noon until 1:00 pm

The cost for the entire program including lunch is $25.  

Please be sure to register as soon as possible


Please don't hesitate to ask either District Trainer Eric Storberg or

your District Governor Elect J. Loren Russell.