District Grants 2019-20

Rotary District 7230 wants to help you fund your projects to DO GOOD in the world!
Our Foundation Grants Committee is seeking local and international projects for our 2019-20 District Grants. The District Grant process is very simple if approved: apply, do good, report, get funds!

What district grants support

Any Club in District 7230 can use district grants to fund a variety of district and club projects and activities, including:

  • Humanitarian projects,in any of the Rotary six areas of focus
  • Scholarships for any level, length of time, location, or area of study, , vocational training, team orientation.
  • Youth programs, including Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotaract, and Interact
  • Projects and activities in Rotary and non-Rotary countries where permitted by law and in accordance with Foundation policies.

Clubs have plenty of freedom to customize their service projects. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants for information about general grant requirements.

How they’re funded

Clubs will apply for grants on matchinggrants.org.  The Grants Committee will review each application.  After approval, all grants will be forwarded to The Rotary Foundation.  Upon approval by The Rotary Foundation, Clubs will be notified that they can begin their project.  Once the project is completed, Clubs will upload all required documents to the matchinggrants.org site.  The Stewardship Committee will review the submission and approve the release of the Grants funds to the Club.


For the Rotary Year 2019-2020, District 7230 will fund District Grants from a minimum of $500 up to a maximum of $2,500 for local community projects. The term ‘grant’ refers to the portion of project funding which comes from the district. The term ‘project cost’ refers to the total cost of the project, including the funding from the district. The district will grant a maximum of 50% of the project cost. For example, if the total project cost is $2,000 the maximum grant will be $1,000. The committee may reduce the amount requested if the requests exceed the amount available but will in no instance reduce the amount below $1,500.

See the Guidelines for grants. Note that funding is for NEW projects. Projects cannot have started before this Rotary year but planning ahead is encouraged. Grants which request funding for a ‘repeat’ of an identical grant request from the previous year will not be accepted. Grants are designed to encourage the creation of additional club activities.

In order to be eligible for a grant, a club must be in good standing, having paid both district and RI dues. All previous District Grants must be completed and all required documentation submitted before a new grant can be approved. If a report on an ongoing Global Grant is past due, the report must be submitted before the grant request will be considered.

Approved grant projects must be completed within the Rotary year 2019-20, with all project documentation submitted to the district by 30 May 2020.

The district will reimburse the club for the grant amount after the project is done and a complete set of documentation (see below) has been received by the district. Note: the club must be in good standing, having paid all dues, to receive reimbursement.

The district will accept applications for district projects from 15 July 2019 to 15 August 2019. Clubs will be notified of the approval or disapproval of their grant request by 30 September 2019. The maximum available funding for District Grants is $30,000; therefore clubs are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible. If demand exceeds funding, first-come, first-served rules will apply, provided the request meets all applicable criteria.

Only clubs who have been certified and who have signed the District Memorandum of Understanding for District Grants are qualified to receive a grant.


1. Complete and submit the application online at matchinggrants.org and send email to David Schribman at schrinins@optonline.net. Please note that grants are designed to support projects, not donations.
2. Modify application as requested by the district to conform to grant guidelines.
3. After grant is approved, begin project. THIS GRANT IS FOR NEW PROJECTS NOT ONGOING PROJECTS.
4. Retain all invoices, receipts and cancelled checks for items purchased for a period of five years.
5. After the project is complete, upload all invoices, receipts, and cancelled checks, along with the individual project report form, to matchinggrants.org
6. Clubs that are in good standing will receive reimbursement.
For more information or assistance  Email Lora Hugelmeyer, District Foundation Chair or David Schribman Grants Chair


Districts need to become qualified to apply for district grants.  

If your club wishes to apply for global grants, your president and president-elect must:

  • Agree to the club qualification MOU
  • Send at least one club member to a grant management seminar held by our district
  • Complete any additional and/or alternative steps that our district requires

Your club must qualify each year if you plan to apply for global grants.

Final Reports

At the completion of the project a final report must be uploaded along with invoices or receipts for all project elements, and copies of all disbursement checks (front and back). If the Project reimbursed an organization the organization must present invoices or receipts for the items the reimbursement covered. Both district and global grants are subject to audit by The Rotary Foundation. Incomplete or missing final reports can render the district ineligible to execute grants until the problem is resolved.


District Grants Resources
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