District Grants 2019-20

District Grant Guidelines: 2019-20

Rotary District 7230

(as of July 15, 2019) 
  • District 7230 will award $30,000 in District Grants to Clubs in the District during 2019-20
  • Grants will be awarded to projects consistent with the 2019-20 Rotary Citation for Rotary Clubs
  • Clubs must be qualified by the District before applying for a grant. (contact District Grants Subcommittee Chair Dave Schribman (schribins@optonline.net)
  • Clubs can apply for a minimum grant of $500 to a maximum of $2,500
  • Clubs can submit joint applications with other clubs with a maximum grant equal to the number of clubs involved times $2,500, up to a maximum grant of $7,500.
  • Clubs can submit more than one application
  • Clubs must match the requested District grant on a 1 to 1 basis
  • Grant funds cannot be used for:
    • Reimbursement of existing projects;
    • Construction or major renovations with some exceptions;
    • Salaries, stipends, or honorariums;
    • Operating expenses of another organization; and
  • All Grant applications must be submitted at www.matchinggrants.org
  • The deadline for submitting District Grant applications is August 15, 2019
  • Grant decisions will be made by the District Grants Sub-Committee of the District Rotary Foundation Committee:
  • District Governor Mahbub Ahmad,
  • District Rotary Foundation Chair PDG Lora Hugelmeyer,
  • District Grants Subcommittee Chair David Schribman,
  • In evaluating grant applications, the District Grants Subcommittee will consider:
    • The number of people benefitting from the project
    • Whether the project can be completed by May 30, 2020
    • Whether the Club is “grant qualified” for 2019-20;
    • Whether the Club has entered its goals in Club Central on Rotary.org
    • Whether the Club has appointed a Club Rotary Foundation Chair and entered their name on the Club Executives Section of the District 7230 website;
    • The number of club members involved in the project
    • Whether the Club is current on RI and District Dues and on reporting requirements from previous District and Global grants
  • Clubs will be notified about the status of their grant application by September 15, 2019.
    If a Club’s grant is approved:
  • The Club President and Foundation Chair are required to sign the District 7230 Memorandum of Understanding for District Grants.
  • The project must be completed by the date set forth in the MOU, no later than May 30, 2020
  • Clubs must obtain the approval of the District Grants Subcommittee before implementing any proposed changes to the approved project budget
  • Clubs must document all project expenditures consistent with the project budget and upload all required document on matchinggrants.org
  • Clubs must retain all project documentation for a minimum of five years
    Club Reporting requirements
  • Unless a project is completed and a Final Report is submitted by January 15, 2020, Clubs must submit a Progress Report to the District Grants Subcommittee by January 15, 2020. If the Subcommittee determines that the project will not be completed within the approved budget and timetable, the grant may be revised or rescinded
  • Final Reports must be submitted on the forms on the District website.
  • Final Reports must include copies of receipts for all project expenditures listed on the approved project budget.
  • The District will process Club requests for grant funds as a reimbursement for approved project expenses incurred after the date the grant is approved and only after the project has been completed and the Final Report has been approved
  • Final Reports alongwith all documents on the checklist must be submitted by May 30, 2020
  • The District intends to disburse all grant funds by June 30, 2020


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