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RYLA is back for 2024!

7th, 8th, 9th June 2024
Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program
Application Deadlines:
26th April 2024, from participants to Rotary Clubs
17th May 2024, from Rotary Clubs to RYLA Committee 
RYLA Camp: 7th, 8th, 9th June 2024
Alpine Scout Camp, Alpine, NJ

The RYLA Experience: This District 7230 program enables all Clubs to send 10th grade students with leadership potential to a 3 day Leadership Weekend held at Alpine, NJ Boy Scout Camp on 7th, 8th, 9th June  2024 -Thanks to our participating Clubs, our RYLARIANS receive life changing experiences and positive memories that will be carried for a lifetime. Experienced RYLARIANS, Rotoractors and Rotarians supervise the full weekend of activities, presentations and fellowship.

How does it work? Rotary Clubs, working with their Interact Clubs, School Counselors and children of Rotarians invite students to submit a complete application to your Club. Your Club selects the top applications for its authorized number of students and submits the Club-approved applications with a $350 fee per student. Checks made payable to District 7230 (Please memo RYLA). See www. Rotary7230.org for the RYLA Program and downloadable applications. It is recommended that an alternate candidate(s) also be selected in the event that the original awardee(s) cannot attend.

How many students can our Club send? The RYLA planning committee will evaluate applications on a first come, first served basis. We are looking to have as many District Clubs represented as possible. As a general guideline, each Club with fewer that 30 members can submit applications for up to 2 student entries. Clubs of 31-64 members can submit up to 5 student entries and Clubs of 65 or more members can submit up to 10 student entries. We will continue to accept applications up through early 26th April 2024 or until we reach participant capacity, whichever comes first. Please submit your applications as soon as possible.

Can our Club members visit during camp? Absolutely YES! In fact, Clubs will be invited to request that their members help to run our activities. Parents are asked NOT to visit camp other than to drop off and pick up students. Parents are welcome to look at the weekend facilities and meet the leaders when they drop off their students to get a feeling of comfort before departing.

How do Rotary Clubs select their 10th grade RYLA awardees? Contact your local school counselors, Rotary Interact Club leaders or principals. Give them an application, a RYLA brochure and ask them to give it to students who have leadership ability who they think will benefit from such a program. Written permission from a parent is required. (See application) This is potentially open to 10th grade students of Rotarians, too.

Why only 10th grade students? For some students, this will be a 3-year leadership program. Select students of previous year’s RYLA programs will be invited to fill student leadership positions for the 2024 class. Further, we know that RYLA participation will spark an interest in an INTERACT CLUB if your Club does not already have one. This will give your local Interact Club a member with 2 years of eligibility.

Who can our members or our parents contact with questions? Email: ryla@rotary7230.org, visit www.Rotary7230.org, or call Dr. Nitin Gupta, Rivertowns Rotary Club at: 510.557.3212 or DGN Garrett Capobianco, Rotary Club of Scarsdale at: 914.715.5716 or Kevin Hunt, Rotary Club of Briarcliffe Manor at 914.500.3102.

RYLA Info & Forms